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Creating a Killer Sales Team for Direct Selling

The Internet and social media have forever changed the way we live. From communications and relationship building to politics, the Internet has certainly made an indelible mark on our society.

One great leap that we have made thanks to the World Wide Web is in the field of sales and marketing.

Indeed, the way companies sell their merchandise and services has changed dramatically over the last two decades.

The Internet has allowed companies to directly communicate with their customers. Nowadays, the reliance of manufacturers and companies on retailers and distributors is waning. Cutting out the middleman is something that companies are exploring more and more. This sales and marketing method is also known as direct selling.

While the profit margin gets bigger, companies planning to go the direct selling route will have some difficulty at first. This is because they will first need to build a direct selling sales team that is both efficient and highly motivated. Without the help of retailers, the sales team becomes the biggest engine of the company.

If you’re planning for your business to go direct to consumer, you need to create a formidable sales team. Here’s how:

Set the Example with an All-Star

There’s no way to get around this—you can forget about the other steps if you don’t prioritize getting the right people in place in leadership roles.

Aside from possessing great active listening skills and empathy for others, potential leaders must be engaging, creative, and passionate about seeing others succeed.

Your corporate sales leadership executives are the face of your company and the lifeblood of your existence.

The investment you make in these leadership roles, or lack thereof, will set the trajectory for your company for years to come.

Have a Great Carrot

Creating a great compensation plan is essential to attracting and keeping the sales team motivated.

Gone is the threat of firing underperforming sales staff. Performance-based commissions and target incentives that are easy to understand are always going to be the most attractive and motivating.

Find that sweet spot between keeping the incentives and commissions enticing enough and keeping your business profitable.

Don’t Throw the Baby in the Pool

You wouldn’t throw a baby into the water and expect that they would be able to swim.

For your volunteer sales force, motivation alone isn’t enough to succeed, so don’t expect the team to sell your service or products like hotcakes just because you have a great compensation plan and they “jumped in” to your pool.

Most of your representatives will have no experience selling and will need your guidance.

You need to give them training on what your product is and how they can sell it.

Don’t just provide a week of training seminars, manuals, tests, and guided fieldwork to your team like everyone else.

Embrace technology and the tools available to you today.

Besides the traditional methods of training I just mentioned, use gamification training.

If you don’t know what it is, look it up, and figure out how your company can start to implement this proven method of training for success.

Not only do trainees learn the material more effectively, and at the pace that is comfortable for them, but it gives you the chance to stay in touch with them through the app on their phone. Show me a textbook that can do that!

You Get Out What You Put In

This is an industry driven by people that want more out of life, more freedom, flexibility, income and independence.

Remember that training shouldn’t stop after orientation.

Keep your team sharp by creating refresher training courses, especially if you have new products coming in. From time to time, invest in sending your team to motivational seminars and team-building events. The need for personal growth is a key to happiness and it is something you can provide that benefits both the individual and your organization.

So give your salespeople this gift and watch it come back at you ten fold.

Final Thoughts

If your sales team is focused on a mission, then selling to customers becomes an easy enough task.

With proper systems, planning and an amazing sales program, there is no telling how much your company can grow. In an increasingly competitive market, having the right tools is essential if you want to win.



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