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Every Quarter Counts

As an executive search firm in Direct Selling, we help our candidates and clients build leaders for the future. We take this one step further by supporting the leaders of tomorrow, by giving back to our communities today.  

San Marcos Elementary School Donation of

Backpacks and Uniforms

Chandler, Arizona

We spent an afternoon meeting with staff from San Marcos Elementary School in Chandler, Arizona and had the pleasure of making a surprise donation to the school (based on our company’s strong earnings from a strong 2Q for our Every Quarter Counts charity program).

Principal Henderson was moved by the donation, saying it was “the largest gift they have ever received.” Many of the students at the school come from homes living below the poverty line and are in desperate need of help. Principal Henderson shared a heartbreaking story of a child whose family was evicted from their apartment recently, with all of their clothing and possessions thrown away and now living from their car.

“Sometimes we forgot just how fortunate we are. Then you see and hear the stories of kids in our own community struggling and it puts your problems into perspective. Being that this donation was so close to home, it was great to have my family and Chelcie with me so we can all see and feel how we can make a big impact on the people right in our own community by just giving a little and through our own success. I am grateful to John Cable, GM of our neighborhood Kohl’s, AK Khalil, CEO of Gold Canyon, and to our many clients and awesome candidates that made this donation possible, thank you.”


Chelcie Cruz (Client and Candidate Manager, Hanna Shea) Mariana Eggert, Sean Eggert (CEO, Hanna Shea), Principal Becky Henderson, Ed D. and Bode Eggert in the middle of the gifts

4-year-old Bode Eggert taking part in the presentation of the Every Quarter Countsdonation to San Marcos Elementary.

One N Ten


Wounded Warrior

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