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About Us

Our Mission.

Understanding. Accountability. Knowledge

Hanna Shea is more than executive search - we are the go-to search firm for building the best executive leadership and high-performing teams within the Direct Selling industry. We are the leading experts and our clients see us as a trusted advisor and partner for all of their hiring, talent acquisition and strategic management needs.


We take our searches a step further and focus deeply on understanding your culture and ethos in order to deliver the best leadership talent. We find the leaders with the right experience and expertise - but know a successful new hire or leader will always come down to fit. We are the talent matching experts. 

We are authentic in our approach to our relationships with all of our clients and candidates. We believe that accountability is a cornerstone of a great search firm, and we take pride in not only knowing the every aspect of the Direct Selling industry, but guaranteeing the results of our work. We stand behind our placements, but are committed to your company's success. 

Our Team.

Sean Eggert

Chief Executive Officer 

Hanna Shea Executive Search

Sean has always had a natural curiosity about people and building successful teams. Earning a BS of Pyschology in college he continues to educate himself on the understanding of peoples behavior and how individuals can positively or negatively impact a team or organization. Having captained teams and built both successful and unsuccessful organizations in the past has given Sean first hand experience at the importance of getting your team built with the best fit rather then the best players.


Taking this knowledge, Sean has built Hanna Shea around the concept of nurturing stong relationships with industry executives along with a deep understandings of the clients operations that Hanna Shea works with. This approach has allowed Sean to successfully grow HS into an industry leader and one of the most valued partners in the industry. Sean currently resides in Montana with his wife, and son Bode, where they enjoy skiing, fishing, hunting and hiking regularly and are consistently focused on improving their health and lifestyle.


A Note From Our CEO 

As an executive leader, I understand the challenges of finding and attracting top-level talent into a company. This necessary yet burdensome task of filling leadership roles may often seem overwhelming. But your business will continue to demand more of your limited time and your to-do list will get longer.


I also understand the candidate side of working with executive recruiters as I searched for my next career endeavor. Sometimes feeling like you’re at the mercy of the recruiter, I know it can be an emotional process to endure, which then can affect your livelihood and family.

This is why I care deeply about Hanna Shea Executive Search -- we bring a new level of professionalism along with compassion to the direct sales industry. We take a sincere interest in our clients’ companies and our candidates’ futures. We learn about their challenges, needs, and goals to then develop a clear picture of how we can effectively help each one.

I’m confident in our ability to improve your business or to get your career to the next level. I look forward to speaking with you.

Sean Eggert
CEO, Hanna Shea Executive Search

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