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MVPs for June 2023

Country Director of Israel

"Make change your friend."

With more than 28 years of experience in marketing, trade, profit unit management, product development, and general management in FMCG companies, food companies, Network marketing companies, E-commerce, and IMC companies (13 of them in the network marketing industry both as corporate and as a distributor). Has a proven successful track record for any company seeking top-line growth, bottom-line growth, market share growth, innovation, and team excellence combined with a positive and productive organizational environment and culture.


  • Turned around top-line and bottom-line results by building tools for the distributors and building trust and cooperation between them and the company.

  • Successfully led remote markets in almost impossible situations, like not being able to enter these markets but still being able to build the best connections, tools, and infrastructure.

  • Have been part of many regional strategic boards, both with corporate personnel and with senior distributors building together the goals and targets, strategic plans, and tactic activities.

  • Was a distributor for years, building a multinational group holding hundreds of Downlines from more than 20 countries and serving hundreds of customers in parallel.


Korean Country Manager / Country Sales Manager

Proven track record of success in direct selling, with expertise in MLM companies and launching

businesses in the Korean market. As an expert in the direct selling industry in Korea and Asia, he is a highly accomplished professional with over 25 years of experience. Expertise lies in MLM companies and launching businesses in the Korean market, where demonstrated exceptional skills in sales management, business development, and strategic planning.

Has played a pivotal role in preparing for the entry of a global MLM company into the Korean

market. Responsibilities included establishing the company, registering products, preparing MLM licenses, developing IT systems, assembling staff, and localizing the global compensation plan.


  • Help launch a direct selling company that started with three individuals and played a key role in the sales and marketing departments, contributing to the company and achieving an annual revenue of over $60 million.

  • Developed a skincare brand in Korea and successfully exported it to the second-largestMLM company in Malaysia during its launch. Since then, the company has consistentlyexported the brand, maintaining an average annual export revenue of $3 million for five years.

  • Last year, established a corporation in Korea for the entry of a global MLM company into the Korean market. Obtained product approvals and MLM licenses, successfully commencing operations. Currently, achieving an average monthly sales of $1 million and an operating profit of around $250,000.

  • Based on professional knowledge and diverse experience, he authored and published a book called Sales Success System in 2017. This book has been utilized for sales system training in numerous MLM companies.

  • Served as the regional manager for the Eastern United States, where established sales organizations in major cities for the sale of health functional foods, skincare products, and water purifiers. Particularly for water purifier sales, successfully built payment systems, installation, and after-sales systems.


Executive UK Director

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and hard work win championships”

Hands on, transformational, strategic, and highly analytical executive leader in sales management, demonstrable globally recognised success leading and motivating sizeable teams in the development of business growth. With over 20 years in the Direct Sales, has achieved success in both turnaround and fast-growing business environments, in addition to driving significant change, creating strategy, and improving processes across operations to improve performance. All of this through development of winning teams.


  • Turned around a long term declining business through leadership, performance management and talent upgrade of the Field team, achieving quarterly revenue growth for the first time in 10 years.

  • Transformed the P&L through bold SG&A management and by leading the transformation project, resulting in a 50% leaner sales force achieving revenue and EBITDA growth.

  • Successfully selected and developed successors for my previous two roles as Sales Director, and ensured a successful handover and onboarding.

  • Modernised and upgraded Field Management process, capability, and sales tools, including a digital transformation resulting in a 400%+ increase in digital revenue



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