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MVPs for May 2023

CEO | COO | Global Operations

“Do today what others won’t, so tomorrow you can do what others can’t because progression, not perfection, is the key to building the best version of yourself. Only success attracts success!”

With almost two decades of international business executive roles in highly competitive, dynamic & complex markets & omni channels, this executive is seen as a highly effective commercial & a servant leader of multi-functional/international teams. Has a track record of leading successful turnarounds, business transformations, and business development (sometimes from scratch) in countries and groups of countries in Europe and APAC.


  • Currently responsible for a $100 million European company overseeing operations for a wide range of markets.

  • Re-engineered the P&L to fuel the growth through investment requirements – 2 million Euro cost optimization YTD.

  • Previously attained a top executive role for a top direct-selling company based on consistently leading strong turnarounds to spur revenue growth and drive profitability while expanding, training, and motivating sales teams.

  • Created and executed a powerful strategic vision for transformation and restructured the commercial organization to support enhancements as leader of a $50M business with 270 employees.


International Finance & Sales Executive

"Exceptional results are only achieved with brilliant pursue of courageous strategies and relentless execution of initiatives every step of the way."

An ambitious professional with over 25 years of experience and over 10 years in direct selling with a publicly traded company. Possesses expertise in cross-functional cooperation and stakeholders’ management, including working with key distributors, as well as acumen for maximizing growth through sales & digital initiatives while inspiring colleagues to pursue the same. Leadership proficiency and extensive international direct sales experience as a Vice President-APAC & General Manager of Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Has amassed cross-functional expertise in sales, finance, and operations that supported my management career growth. Achieving an expert-level understanding of both the front and back end of a direct-selling company afforded the aptitude to navigate, design, and execute promotions and incentives that drove field activities to help distributors build successful businesses and share the company’s vision which fuels overall purpose.


  • Owned full P&L responsibility of Taiwan & Hong Kong and grew the market over 25x in 3 years, duringa global pandemic, from sub-USD2M annually to over USD50M.

  • Spearheaded APAC sales operations activities such as trainings, events, and recognitions by coordinating and hosting annual markets, regional, and global recognitions & incentive trips under the directions of the President & CEO.

  • Developed and directed regional finance functions such as FP&A, pricing, and strategic analytics with a team of finance professionals across markets.


Chief Marketing Officer / Chief Sales Officer

"Trustworthiness is our only true currency; trust is our finest reward."

This marketing innovator is known for brand-building strategies that companies need now: killer social content, customer-focused loyalty and subscription programs, simplified comp plans and measurable promotions. She's high energy and low drama, communicates with care and clarity, and ensures everyone has a voice at the table.

She lands product launches on time, on budget, on strategy. She knows delight is in the details and the data, and doesn't compromise on either. She's accessible, authentic, and an experienced mentor to talent in the home office and field, prioritizing disciplined project management, budget/P&L ownership, and timely and detailed reporting to stakeholders/ownership.

In addition to C-level and VP roles in marketing and sales, she has also served as CEO, President, and VP of product development in standout direct sales brands.


  • Launched a category-creating brand and led it to $40M+ in annual revenue through successful private equity acquisition

  • Increased sponsoring 3x year-over-year at current company (developed new onboarding sequence, recognition, and enrollment experience)

  • Partnered with internal and external IT teams in two organizations to successfully migrate e-com and back office platforms

  • Researched and developed brand personas for customer and rep journey mapping to guide social strategy

  • Written all showflows and main-stage content for more than 15 annual conventions (both live and virtual), as well as leading content for messaging, board decks, video scripts, project plans, product roadmaps, and IT project specifications (a walking ton of content)

  • Owned product roadmap, including category extensions and new lines, projections, positioning, pricing and full launch plans from inception through exit.



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