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MVPs for March 2023


“I excel in the why and the what. Some of the who. Not the how (technical and ops)”

At the core, a visionary entrepreneur with a sharp mind and a big heart who is great at solving problems. Founded and ran multiple tech businesses from a boutique digital agency in the early days of apps, e-comm and online content to a B2C social scheduling app acquired by E-Bay, a B2B mobile CRM for the social commerce space, and a machine learning-powered retention platform that has driven 9 figures in new revenue for enterprise clients in 75 countries, and sold in early 2022. Most recently, led the process that brought us together under a unified vision that re-invigorated both teams, increased cross-team collaboration, bolstered record sales, co-created a new product, and company culture that balanced a focus on KPIs with real heart.

What I do best:

Performs best when casting a vision, building strategies, and getting the world excited about them. Believes in metrics and performance-driven but doesn’t lose sight of the more human, qualitative aspects of good decision-making. Highly incredible in front of people, whether that's an internal team or inspiring audiences in person or online. Also, a great addition or advisor to a strong team of "executioners" with a growth mindset, great communication, and a love to challenge and be challenged.

Areas of focus:

  • Founder and team dynamics: Helping people get and stay connected and aligned.

  • Marketing: Digital, B2B, Content, Lead Gen - deep understanding of digital marketing, lead generation, and team leadership. The ability to get teams lined up with a vision they can execute and play a part in keeping them on point and measurable while contributing to the overall content strategy, including articles, videos, webinars, conference keynotes, and panels.

  • Evangelizing: Being in front of people and inspiring them internally or externally.

  • Product vision and performance: Knows hows to ask the right questions and mobilize a team towards a clear vision and strategy they can execute. Understands the metrics and the tea leaves to evolve the roadmap and plan as we build, measure and learn our way to ever-improving performance and market fit.

  • Strategy: Can develop a more zoomed-out vision, identify opportunities others may not see, and get the people and resources together to realize them. Loves to be three steps ahead of what's happening today, continually analyzing trajectory, seeing opportunities, and adjusting the sails. Market intelligence and research are key here. So is a KPI-driven culture with a heart.

  • Enterprise Sales: Has spent much of their career in B2B and enterprise sales. However can also support sales teams in improving performance, collaborating better with marketing, and identifying and closing the right deals the right way so they are handed off well and have the best LTV.

  • Investor relations: Develop strong investor relationships through trust and personal connection.



Languages: English, Portuguese and Spanish

"Whether face to face or digitally our industry generates communities that help millions of people develop business skills and achieve their dreams. It is through these communities that companies have the possibility to transcend and generate a truly positive impact in the world".

More than 15 years of experience in unilevel and multilevel direct sales, leading sales, marketing, operations, digital transformation, new products, incentive programs, events, and opening new markets. Has overseen the commercial areas of the 10 largest markets in the region, reaching to managing revenue of USD 100M.

Well-recognized for generating high sales volumes with profit in consolidated companies and fast-growing startups.

Experience in 3 of the top 20 companies in the industry, managing nutritional products, cosmetics, and personal care.

  • Grew the region 26% during the pandemic year.

  • Have generated savings of over USD 1M through the use of technology.

  • Have led events for more than 18 thousand people.

  • Promoted female empowerment as a means of personal and professional development for independent distributors.

  • Extensive knowledge of omnichannel.



Quote: "The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra"

A highly motivated and results-oriented prime candidate that is responsible for overseeing and optimizing the day-to-day operations of the company. With many years in the industry who possesses strong leadership skills, business acumen, and the ability to manage and motivate teams toward achieving common goals. The ability to balance the needs of multiple stakeholders, including customers, employees and distributors, while ensuring that the organization stays true to its mission and values. Adept at problem-solving, able to identify challenges and opportunities and implement strategies to address them.

Business Operations: Successfully led multiple operational departments to ensure year-over-year growth in the field of:

  • Product Development

  • International Expansion

  • Logistics

  • Compliance

  • Marketing and Website UX

  • Live Events

Business Development - Negotiated, Developed, and Implemented high valued programs that accounted for the new direction of the business into sustainability and profitability. Saved a business during its startup phase by developing and implementing a new go-to-market strategy that resulted in 85% of total company revenue from 8 to 60 million within three years.


Hard working and committed to achieving results with the ability to be adaptable in a new environment. Willingness to be a fit within the company culture and fulfill obligations set forth.



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