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MVP's For February 2023


“Challenges are there to be turned into the opportunities”

An accomplished, multicultural sales professional with vast experience in launching new markets and rebuilding the stagnated organizations. Proven ability to lead teams through challenges and changes, build relationships with leaders and create highly functional and motivated teams within the organization and in the field. Goal oriented and people focused, charismatic, energetic and always looking for innovative and creative solutions to grow sales. Motivational speaker and coach.

  • Designed and led company launches in Europe and Latin America

  • Created lead generation funnels as well as field training and duplication system for the new field leaders pre and post launch, as well as to relaunch the existing markets in decline

  • Successfully led markets through the crisis and challenging economical and political situations growing revenue in spite of the pressure, doubled the market revenue during the COVID lockdowns

  • Localized the companies´ culture for better adoption by the local staff and the field in European markets, Latin America and US Latina market

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“Tomorrows results comes from the activities you perform today, and the more accurate you are inyour activities the faster & higher result you achieve.”

A very engaging, highly motivating, analytical and result oriented Leader with a two-times turn-

around record into significant growth. Several times taken small and mid-size market companies

from low or negative result into high growth development. Combine a decade of experience in the direct selling business with a decade of B2B experience of driving sales, marketing and overall commercial responsibility and you have a charismatic, engaging and very pragmatic, down to earth leader that thrives by developing people and coaches them do and create more than they knew they could.

Regional Sales Manager – turned a five-year in a row negatively developed market to an All-

Time High sales result in less than a year. This by identifying and recognizing the issue ahead,

addressing it, create a one-page plan together with key role player/Distributors and

operationally drive the motivation through KPI analyzing, activity steering and operationally


Sales Director – turned a seven-year decline with a de-motivated sales force into a winning

double digit growth organization that became role-modelling for the worldwide operations.

This by responsibility and accountability with guidelines in the KPI´s and activities.

Introduced and created structure, clear objectives, regular follow-up as well as guidance on

activity results and growth figures. Digital transformation into "Social Selling" through social media, e-commerce, and digital communication channels.

Commercial & Business Development – took a small go-kart track to a professional event

and racing arena with an increase of sales from 4 to 22 million within two years. Re-

established a Business School in the market with an increase of sales by 130%. Started and

established 2 corporate centers as business consultant after merging and acquisition.



“Surround yourself with people that are better than you, and you will always win! You will win in

good times and you will win in bad times, because nothing can break the spirit of a good team.”

A young proven global leader with a “twist” in the direct sales & DTC space. 13 years of diverse leadership roles throughout the whole organization. A proven track record in strategic

analytical roles, & sales roles in both emerging and established markets. Passionate developer

of talent, internally & externally with a commitment to delivering high-performing teams

through vision, coaching and inspirational leadership.


Sales Leadership - Developed and implemented a 6-month sales turnaround strategy, growing

the business from flat to double digit growth 21%, leading $100M + in revenue. Increased new

sales force, additional recruits, onboarding, average sales per leader, and increased sales via

intentional team development and training, including workshop development and social media


Strategic Leadership - Led and managed a global strategy development to drive financial

performance, leadership development, and retention for 84 global markets, supporting $3.5b in


Project management / Change Management - Led, managed, and communicated a Sales

Force front end system change, impacting all departments and the field, leveraging

collaboration to create buy-in for stakeholders. Led a team to successfully identify and address gaps in sales field compensation, tasked to save $10.5m in commissions without reducing revenue, impacting 350k sales leaders.

Business Intelligence - Led the startup and implementation of a complete business intelligence

department for a top 5 market in the company, providing finance and business analytics. This approach was then rolled out globally.



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