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5 Reasons Why To Hire an Executive Recruiter For Direct Selling Companies

I speak to in-house recruiting colleagues daily and the one thread that links our conversations is ROI.

Recruiting ROI.

Most are fearful of budget ramifications that will have a negative impact on their HR departments; which tend to run lean. Others tend to want more control over the process – sourcing candidates, primarily, out of fear an agency will miss that ‘needle in a haystack.’ Their concerns are justified, as they have watched the ramifications of poor hires play out throughout their careers.

Yet, in a time with such drastic changes in the speed of doing business, companies need to invest in hiring an executive recruiting agency. The ROI is undeniable.

1. Internal Resources are Lean

Human Resource departments have become extremely lean over the years; categorized as an operating expense.

Yet, HR departments generally handle every aspect of labor relations within the company – interviewing job candidates, on-boarding employees, internal communication activities, training, evaluations, grievances and employee terminations/resignations. The time spent sourcing and qualifying job candidates can take an enormous amount of time and energy; virtually creating an ‘all hands on deck’ need for internal HR departments.

Executive recruiters have pools of potential candidates at their fingertips and they know how to source and qualify additional candidates quickly. For direct sales organizations this is critical, as business needs are usually immediate and the changing industry landscape is creating new job function needs.

Collaborating with an executive recruiter keeps HR departments on track in meeting other business demands and providing qualified candidates in a more expedient manner.

2. A Broad Spectrum of Qualified Candidates

As mentioned above, it’s a recruiters job to have a healthy pool of potential candidates on the ready, and know how to increase that pool and source new candidates as client needs dictate. Yet in the direct sales industry, sourcing qualified candidates to perform new corporate functions is of critical importance.

Technology, business needs and the regulatory environment are creating functions that might be better served by looking beyond the traditional ‘hunting grounds.’

3. Hiring and Retention Counsel From a Market Perspective

Working with executive recruiters is often written from a candidate perspective. Yet, one of the key areas often overlooked, is the benefit of counsel that an executive recruiter can provide to companies. Recruiters have a solid understanding of the hiring landscape for the positions they are looking to fill, as well as the general pool of candidates ready to fill those positions. Educating companies on hiring process trends, salary expectations and benefit ‘norms’ are also a critical part of matching candidates with potential companies (and managers).

4. Organizational Counsel

Often executive recruiters work with companies beyond the hiring phase to ensure strong employee retention. Losing employees through termination or resignation is expensive and disruptive to the business.

In fact, we often work with companies in assessing potential and current team members situational behaviors using the DISC assessment tool. Insight into how team members deal with certain situations can provide valuable insight for managers on how to maintain (or enhance) a company’s culture, work environment and productivity. Our clients have found DISC to be an extremely valuable HR tool.

5. Guarantees

While retained executive recruiters might not have a ‘guarantee’ posted on their websites, the reputable firms will provide some sort of ‘warranty’ on the candidates they place or, at the very least have a transparent reason for not providing one. Every recruiter wants a happy client – and most will go the extra mile to ensure that happens.

Hanna Shea Consulting has been doing executive recruiting for the Network Marketing industry since 2007. We are passionate about our company, our industry, and the relationships we have built one person at a time.


About The Author

As CEO, Sean leads the organization to build lasting relationships with company leaders within the direct selling industry and provide quality service to meet the needs of clients. Sean also likes to spend time outdoors and traveling with his family.



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