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Episode 1: Directly Unfiltered E-Commerce and Tech's Impact on Network Marketing

Our newest video series "Directly Unfiltered" is a video series for CEOs and executives that are leading small-to-mid size companies within Direct Selling. Each episode we feature an industry leader that shares their perspective, experiences and how they were able to grow and scale their Direct Selling company. Join us as we dive into every aspect of leading a Direct Selling company with various view points from each roles in the C-Suite.

Episode 1: E-Commerce and Tech's Impact On Network Marketing


Melissa Soete

Fractional Sales Executive

Direct Selling Expert

On this episode of Directly Unfiltered, Melissa Soete, Fractional Sales Executive and Direct Selling Expert, joins us to talk about e-commerce and the evolution of MLM. This episode is part of a 3 part series where Melissa and I discuss:

  1. E-Commerce's Effect on The Network Marketing Industry

  2. Working As A Fractional Talent Sales Leader

  3. Post Pandemic Takeaways and New Strategies To Focus On For 2024

Thank you Melissa Soete for joining us, your insights and advice were so fresh and powerful. I hope you enjoy the episode. Subscribe here for future episodes of Directly Unfiltered.



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