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Case Study: Untapping The Full Potential Of Fractional Talent

Recently, a US-based Direct Selling health and wellness brand approached us to help them find a marketing leader to step into a VP of Marketing role. They were eager to expand their marketing efforts and were investing a lot of their revenue back into the organization - which meant tighter budgets. 

The Challenge.

As we began our engagement and started to strategize about the role, the company was very open and transparent with us about their budgetary limitations. As a result, the compensation they could offer a candidate for a VP-level role was below the compensation levels we would typically expect to see for the experience they needed and were looking for in a candidate. With this in mind, we still searched for experienced marketing professionals within their compensation range who were qualified, interested, and available. After presenting multiple candidates within their compensation range, the company realized the caliber of talent they could afford wasn’t close to the level of expertise they needed in the role. So, we decided to pivot and proposed hiring a Fractional VP of Marketing / Fractional CMO instead. Initially, the company was hesitant as they felt they needed someone full-time in the role, but with a little persuasion, we were able to convince them that “Even a conversation wouldn’t hurt, right?” 

The Solution.

So, we switched gears and presented two former CMOs who had previously worked at larger Direct Selling companies. These CMOs were overqualified for the role, and initially, the company was concerned the position was too junior (even at the VP level). However, after meeting with both candidates and learning more about the way Fractional Talent works and benefits an organization such as theirs, they came around to the idea. The candidate they ultimately ended up selecting had experience lined up best with the challenges and goals the company was going through. This candidate had also worked with a similar product line and company size, and in their previous role was able to grow sales volume by 45% over two years.

The Result.

While the company had initially hired this Fractional CMO to create and drive the long-term marketing strategy for the organization, the value, experience, and insight this new Fractional Leader brought to the table and other C-suite leadership was transformative. They delivered incredible value to the organization and shortly after starting, began working directly with the CEO side-by-side to help identify other opportunities within the company that fit into the long-term strategy. While maintaining their focus on marketing - this Fractional Leader quickly became an invaluable member of the leadership team and could honestly offer straightforward insights without the fear of losing their job.

The Timeline. 

Initially when this company approached us for a full-time VP of Marketing position - the initial search to slate took around 30 days. At the 30-day mark, we pivoted to offering Fractional Talent as a possible solution, and within two weeks, from start to finish, the new Fractional CMO was hired and placed. 

Lessons Learned.

Part of the issue this company faced was that existing leadership within the company had more of a legacy mindset. In the past, their traditional or legacy mindset had limited their ability to grow the organization, and the Fractional CMO was able to help transform that. By taking a risk and hiring a Fractional Leader who had more experience, knowledge, and success than the existing leadership team, they opened up an entirely new way of thinking for the company. Ego was put aside and the organization was able to thrive. 



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