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6 Helpful Tips To Enjoy Your Office Holiday Party, Without Jeopardizing Your Job

After a lull in recent years due to the struggling economy and subsequent tightening of budgets, in 2014, a survey conducted by Challenger, Gray and Christmas found that nearly 90% of companies planned to reinstate their annual holiday party.

And why not? Holiday events are a cost-effective way for companies to show appreciation for their hard-working employees and to help raise morale, as the New Year looms large. These days, most parties are catered affairs, held offsite to help promote the sense of relaxation that comes with “being away” from the office.

And, while holiday parties are a great opportunity to interface with co-workers you know, as well as those you may wish you knew, it can also be a slippery slope if you let alcohol and the relaxed atmosphere combine to blur the very important line of appropriate work decorum. Being wildly inappropriate at your office holiday party is not the way to climb the corporate ladder so, to ensure you don’t derail you hard won progress, make sure you follow these 6 helpful tips to enjoy the office party, without jeopardizing your job!

Holiday Office Party Tips

  • Attend! Unless you have a valid conflict, do not pass up the invitation. This is a rare chance to see and be seen in a social setting ¾ one that can work to your benefit. If the invitation includes a plus one, be sure to choose someone you can count on to maintain a healthy level of professionalism.

  • Pace yourself: Too often when cocktails are involved people loosen up and forget that they are still, after all, at work ¾ that these people are colleagues and not social “friends”. Be mindful of the reason for this party and that you are with colleagues not college drinking buddies. If alcohol is available, limit your intake or skip it altogether (especially if you are driving home). Tonight is not the night to do or say something you’ll regret.

  • Dress for success and to impress: Keep it classy and adhere to the suggested dress code in a manner fitting your position within the organization. Revealing and flashy outfits won’t do anything to enhance your reputation or your career.

  • Maximize the opportunity: When handled properly, a holiday party can be a great opportunity to network! Mingle socially with everyone. Interface with people you might not have the opportunity or time to talk at the office. Be positive, and demonstrate interest your conversations by standing tall, making sustained eye contact and leaning in slightly to truly listen to what’s being said.

  • Watch the clock: Do not overstay your welcome by continuing to party after the crowd has cleared. Nobody likes a lingerer.

  • Be polite: Be sure to thank the person responsible for planning and coordinating the event. If you can’t find them, an email the next day is definitely a nice touch.

And, above all, use your common sense, it’s what got you the job in the first place!

Have a happy and safe holidays from all of us at Hanna Shea Consulting!


About The Author

As CEO, Sean leads the organization to build lasting relationships with company leaders within the direct selling industry and provide quality service to meet the needs of clients. Sean also likes to spend time outdoors and traveling with his family.



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