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How To Attract Direct Selling 2.0 Leaders

In our last article, we touched upon Direct Selling 2.0 and the overall direction the Direct Selling industry is heading including the type of leadership your company will need to drive you forward in the right direction. As a follow up and Part II to that article, we’re focusing on how to attract and retain forward-thinking Direct Selling 2.0 executive talent to your organization. Everyday we speak with Direct Selling experts and leaders and this is what we have found they are looking for in their next career opportunity.

Deliver Convenience As A Company Perk

It's no surprise that qualified candidates are at a premium in today’s talent landscape. Even as salaries continue to creep upward, other incentives need to be incorporated and communicated in recruitment marketing strategies to attract and retain highly sought after candidates. This includes remote work, flexible work hours, shortened work weeks, more lenient time off policies, job-sharing and more. In the last several years, we’ve seen work flexibility sky rocket to the top of must-haves for candidates, and in today’s global and remote workforce convenient / casual working is the norm.

Prioritize Stability And Consistency Over Growth

The last several years have wreaked havoc on the Direct Selling industry. With some legacy brands struggling to survive and new startups thriving upon launch, great talent is looking for consistency in every aspect of their work life. This includes consistency in compensation plans, rewards, KPIs, goals and expectations. The Great Reshuffle and Resignation lead us through an incredibly unsustainable hiring and talent environment and with that chaos finally behind us - the dust has settled and both leaders and companies are seeking stability and are ready to meet in the middle.

Lead With Purpose

Many Direct Selling 2.0 leaders and candidates that we work with on a daily basis are looking for purpose and meaningful work in their next career opportunity. This desire for purpose goes beyond salary and benefits and is rooted deeper in a reenergized company culture. Candidates are looking for career growth, products, companies and teams that bring them joy, value and fulfillment in their work day and work life. Bridging the gap between passion and purpose is the reality that many Direct Selling companies are facing today, and can accomplish this by:

  • Creating a work environment that is collaborative

  • Having strong leadership in place that is involved and will mentor emerging talent

  • Being transparent and forward thinking

  • Instilling open door / open book communication culture

  • Push the boundaries of technology and being open to innovation and ideas

  • Focus more on a cultural ethos that works to align products with employee purpose and passion

The Final Word On The Matter Is “Integrity”

As recruiting experts within the Direct Selling industry - we have the privilege to work with some of the brightest and strongest minds in Direct Selling 2.0. Similarly to leading with purpose, we’ve noticed a shift and draw towards more meaningful work. Candidates not only want to be heard and valued, but contribute in a meaningful way to an organization, process or product that they believe in and betters the world around them. They are selective in looking for a next career step that aligns with Direct Selling 2.0 ideology, and work for a company that stands firmly behind solid products with a stellar industry reputation.

Recently, I had a conversation with a candidate that kept mentioning one word throughout their interview, and that word was “Integrity”. Direct Selling 2.0 leaders are driven by Integrity. Integrity in not only the work they do, but the leadership they report to and integrity built into the product itself. They're looking for leadership that not only cares about the bottom line, but about their teams and people, expanding beyond traditional full-time salaried positions to engaging teams in the field and making them a priority.

At Hanna Shea Executive Search, we are the strategic recruitment and executive search partner for the Direct Selling industry. We work with Direct Selling companies to find, target and hire senior executives who can lead your organization through transformation and growth at every level. If you are looking to hire a new leader or make changes to your executive team, please get in touch with us, we would love to chat with you.

About The Author

Client and Talent Director

Chelcie joined Hanna Shea Executive Search four years ago, where she was able to combine her journalist background and inquisitive mind to help executives grow in their career path by matching talent with companies' missions and needs. Chelcie oversees clients and talent acquisition and takes pride in building authentic relationships, growing corporate organizations, and advocating for the Direct Sales Industry. Chelcie is a native of Phoenix, Arizona, and enjoys boxing, hiking, camping, and anything outdoors-related. She maintains a healthy lifestyle and loves to travel and experience new adventures. One of Chelcies life-changing movements was living solo in Spain, where she faced many adversities that encouraged her to grow within and adopted a stronger mindset.



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