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MVPs for July 2023

North American VP of Sales

"Those who are happiest are those who do the most for others."

As someone who has experienced the profound impact of receiving help and support from others, I cannot stress enough the importance of lifting each other up. I firmly believe that we all have a responsibility to extend a helping hand to those around us, particularly during their most challenging moments. It reminds me of a thought-provoking quote by Booker T. Washington, which goes,

  • A Vice President of Business Development & Digital Marketplace is leading all business development initiatives to drive revenue and integrating innovative practices in the digital marketplace to boost eCommerce growth.

  • A Vice President of North America implemented effective sales strategies, managed sales and marketing operations, and reactivated a 35K member sales force to achieve an 8.9% annual revenue growth, 40% YoY sales growth, and a 30% increase in customer accounts. They also streamlined checkout processes and improved business intelligence with innovative technology solutions.

  • A Sales Vice President oversaw $58M in annual revenue, increased direct-to-consumer sales from $1.5M to $7.7M, achieved 200% YoY revenue growth, and launched a new omni-channel sales approach to drive increased profitability and improved monthly subscription volume. They also championed a new recruiting strategy, engaged with field sales employees, and implemented a performance-driven approach to sales.

  • A former Senior Director of Sales Operations earned upward promotions and implemented technology and workflows to increase efficiencies by 100%+, increase customer retention by 13%, and introduce technology solutions to drive client engagements and sales presentations by 150%. They also launched Salesforce, built and executed a new compensation plan


CEO / President

Adept at Growing Science & Innovation Led Health & Wellness Businesses

“Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality.”

Inspiring leader with contagious optimism and drive – results-driven and passionate about building entrepreneurial businesses through science-based product innovation. Known for driving revenue and profitability through an unmistakable Consumer focus. Especially adept at elevating and modernizing established brands, building and scaling businesses, and leading sustainable global expansion. Has led Sales & Marketing, R&D, and Operations teams to bring transformative products to the market while nurturing lasting relationships with a diverse Distributor base. Frequent and highly sought-after international speaker instilling belief and credibility in audiences large and small.


  • Business management and P&L experience upwards of $200 Million. Ability to develop vision, execute business strategy, measure ROI, and identify clear KPIs to deliver results.

  • Infusing growth by stimulating engagement leveraging contemporary marketing tools and scientific innovation to help companies achieve new business goals.

  • Building and executing robust and effective go-to-market strategies. Established new business generating $50M in its first market year. Developed and implemented the vision and action plan that stimulated recruiting, sales and profitability to turn around declining markets and open new markets.

  • Leading Nutritional Supplements, Functional Foods, Sports Nutrition, Natural Skincare, Eco-Friendly Homecare businesses with a strategic as well as hands-on approach.

  • Well-versed with domestic and international regulatory framework having met or exceeded the requirements of 50+ world markets.

  • Strong, highly regarded industry leader with strong scientific underpinnings.

  • Led and mentored teams building morale and camaraderie in fast-paced, highly productive work environments.

  • Proven success in mid-size to large organizations, start-up environments and Private Equity owned return-on-investment focused ventures. Served in President & C-Suite roles for 7+ yrs, with one startup generating over $90M within 27 months of its inception.

  • Experience working closely with company Founders to modernize the Brand and drive growth while retaining foundational company values.

  • Believes in transforming lives by filing them with health, happiness and prosperity.



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