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How to Improve the Hiring Process for Your Top Positions

Recruiters often face multiple challenges in finding the right executives who would fit as leaders in an organization. For companies, big and small, it is important to have a reliable method for evaluating the qualifications and characteristics of candidates.

Many hiring managers we have spoken to, have asked me: “What’s the key to finding someone who is competent, hungry and qualified to lead?” or “How can direct selling companies improve the odds of finding the right person?”

Here are just a couple questions to think about as you conduct your search:

What do you want to achieve with your new hire?

Before you start the hiring process, determine what exactly your company needs. List the goals that you want to accomplish. Why do you want to hire a new person in the company?

Translate these goals into quantifiable qualifications. Don’t be vague about the qualifications you set. You need to be specific about the skills set and the background of the person you want to hire.

Keep in mind that someone who looks good on paper may not always have something to contribute to your company. Resist the urge to hire a rock star with a stellar resume. Instead, focus on finding a qualified candidate who has the specialized skills and background that can help you accomplish your goals for your company and that still has the hunger and humility to do so effectively.

How good is the candidate in solving problems?

At high-level positions, intelligence and problem-solving skills are important variables that will determine if a candidate will sink or swim. Managers and executives are part of the decision-making process. It is important that they are able to think on their feet and propose effective solutions even under pressure.

More than just choosing a person who works well, hiring a leader is all about choosing a person who can think well.

Ideally, the person you hire should be able to:

● plan strategies and adapt to change ● maximize productivity and minimize problems, and ● help make significant contributions to your company

Present your candidate with a real-life problem your company is facing, or has faced, ask them how they would go about solving this issue.

Their answer will give you great insight into their understanding of the issue and their potential to problem solve on the spot.

Here are some ideas on how to level up the interview process.

  • Let the candidate speak so that you can make a proper assessment of his or her qualifications. Some interviewers make the mistake of talking too much without properly assessing the candidates. In order to evaluate if a person is truly suitable for the job, interviewers should focus on listening more.

  • Ask the candidate what he or she knows about the company. This will tell you how much a candidate prepared for the interview. He or she can’t fake answers to this one.

  • Observe the nonverbal cues of the candidate. Sometimes, actions speak louder than words. Watch out for the posture, facial expressions and gestures of the candidate. How far the candidate leans forward is an indicator of his or her motivation.

Ask about the accomplishment(s) the candidate is most proud of in their career. Observe how much or how little detail they are able to give you relating to this experience. Were they really able to make a difference with their previous employer, or was their involvement only surface level?

But if your calendar prohibits you from dedicating enough time to find the right candidate or do you have a position that you wish to remain confidential? Perhaps your team needs a fresh pair of eyes.

Then you may want to consider using an executive search firm that can focus on the process and is dedicated to producing measurable results.

Hanna Shea Executive Search has been matching the right candidates to the Direct Selling Industry for over 10 years. We have a team that if only focused on one thing: Building great companies, once executive at a time.



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