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MVPs for April 2023

Chief Sales Officer- Germany & EU

“If you don’t understand people, you don’t understand business.”

Chief sales officer with profound expertise in digitalization, sales, business

development, product management, and the entrepreneurial management of an entire business.

Proven success in executing digitalization projects, implementing digital transformation

processes, sales growth, customer acquisition, and staff development. Excellent strategic thinking, a great affinity with new media and tools, pronounced customer and service orientation, and outstanding training and coaching skills. Fluent communication in three languages: German, Italian, and English.


  • Currently responsible for markets in Europe and Asia and achieved success by a 12% growth in sales for 2020/21,

  • Effectively implemented digitalization measures, an online recruitment campaign, and completely restructuring the Switzerland and Belgium market.

  • Under their leadership, initiated the company's first Instagram and Facebook pages and live cooking show which grew the consultant base by over 60% compared to 2022.

  • Oversee campaign management for all the sales promotion measures online and offline. Implement digital sales strategies, continuously opening new regions and expanding existing markets.

  • Has a track record of building new strategies for startups, new brand concepts, and brand marketing on top of sales leadership, leadership development, training, and coaching, arranging meetings and conferences for up to 3,500 people, e-commerce and social media strategies.


Vice President - EMEA & Greece

“Leadership is about a fierce adherence to a Vision while everyone around you thinks you are wasting your time.”

Top-level executive leading with Clarity (Where you’re going and knowing How to get there), Compassion (caring for others, people always first), Courage (facing the future and leading without fear when things get tough), Competence (knowing What to do – Skills, Judgement, Values, Behavior) and last but not least, having the Confidence for success by artfully combining Business Acumen and Emotional Capital.

Strategic leader with a high record of delivering results via top-line growth and operations/costs improvement. Recognized for expertise in transforming direct selling organizations and managing turn-around situations through remodeling and operational excellence. Acknowledged for effective management under crisis and ability to balance the needs of multiple stakeholders. Bilingual in Greek & English.


  • Proven success record within major multinational and local FMCG companies i.e. TUPPERWARE, COCA-COLA HBC, ENERGIZER, KRAFT JACOBS SUCHARD and COLGATE – PALMOLIVE, managing multi-country teams in EMEA region.

  • Currently responsible for the strategic direction of the EMEA business representing 50% of worldwide sales.

  • Remodeled and transformed 5 autonomous regions (Hungary, Romania, Czech/Slovakia, Adria, Baltics), comprised of 11 countries, into a prosperous and growing cluster under the management of one central HUB out of Bucharest – Romania, generating $3M profit and over $2M annual savings.

  • Increased market coverage and penetration facilitating business expansion with a direct result that Improved sales force size +10%, Activity +7% maintaining productivity levels.


Senior Executive Leader - COO/VP of Operations

"To be a successful leader, you must first learn to follow."

Senior Executive Leader leveraging 30+ years of Direct Sales experience. Known for directing major corporate initiatives and helping companies achieve their revenue and profit goals globally. Seasoned strategic leader with knowledge and experience to achieve corporate objectives. His expertise incorporates an extensive portfolio of General Management, Sales, Product Marketing, Product Management, New Market Development, International Business, and Operations.

As a key decision-maker, he is known for driving success in all business areas, leading multi-million-dollar projects, slashing operational costs, and integrating cutting-edge technological processes to boost operations. As a trusted advisor, he is acclaimed for his collaborative efforts to meet cost, quality, performance, revenue, and compliance objectives. He is instrumental in analyzing ever-evolving industry demands and devising effective strategies to drive change. Adept at leading growth-focused strategies, fostering enterprise-wide transformation, and sourcing revenue-driven opportunities to empower organizational growth. His entrepreneurial spirit drives results-oriented teams to align and achieve the goals of the global enterprise.


  • Supported sales growth of 130% in one year through strategic partnerships and leadership.

  • Grew sales internationally by 50% by achieving monthly goals and objectives.

  • Expanded organizational footprint in Asia & Europe and developed processes/systems with business owners in respective areas.

  • Produced first-year operational savings of over $5MM, exceeding expectations.

  • Developed two new warehouses and state-of-the-art storage and automated fulfillment systems. Created 50% labor savings.

  • Developed online sign-up, shopping, and other business tools and implemented a cutting-edge business portal.

  • Scoped, Designed, Built, and Implemented SAP Order Processing for USA Call Center with Diamond Technology Partners.

  • Successfully implemented a multi-million-dollar project by collaborating with a team of fifty-plus people in all activities.

  • Successfully negotiated real estate/leases with the development of a corporate campus with state-of-the-art automation for inventory and customer fulfillment.



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