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Using Facebook and Social Media to Attract, Recruit & Retain Talent

In a day and age where business has become predominantly digital, most business leaders understand the importance of integrating social media into their sales and marketing strategies, however, many fail to consider it when it comes to first attracting, then recruiting and retaining quality candidates for their organizations. While most large corporations acknowledge the necessity of social media to attract top talent, they are not entirely knowledgeable about how to go about it.

This is not too surprising, as there is a lot to learn in order to make the best use of social media channels, from carefully targeting passive candidates, to showcasing the brand, which require time and money to master. Additionally, a different strategy may also be required for each social channel, for example Twitter posts can be kept brief but frequent, whereas less frequent but “more substantial” content will most likely be more effective on LinkedIn and Facebook.

Recruitment is a two way process and it is just as essential for employers to sell their company, and job vacancies to prospective employees, as it is for the candidate to promote their skills and experience upon applying for a role. To attract the best candidates available, organizations are going to have to sell themselves as a great place to work, and when checking out a company before applying for a role, social media is often the first point of call for candidates.

Social media is one of the top tools used for candidates seeking employment in today’s job market. Additionally, a large number of candidates will already be present on the vast number of social media networks – especially the millennials. For this reason it makes sense for organizations to optimize their use of social media, as it is likely this is where candidates will build an idea of what the corporation is all about. Showing the human side of an organization’s brand is very attractive to prospective candidates, and, social media opens up limitless possibilities.

Savvy hiring managers and recruiters are experimenting with ways of leveraging the social web to source talent and expose their corporate employer brand. Here are three recommendations for direct selling companies to consider:

Focus On Your Social Talent Brand: A company’s talent brand is how their mission, vision and corporate culture is perceived on the various social media platforms. This plays a significant role in reducing a business’ cost to attract and retain staff (as well as Distributors). Google, for example, does a great job of talent branding. They look like a great place to work and that’s become their biggest asset in hiring. Make sure your company’s image, in words, photos and videos, is consistent across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and other platforms.

Enable Your Current Employees To Evangelize: One of the most effective ways to draw candidates to your organization is to have your existing employees spread the word about the company, and the advantages of being a part of the organization. Develop specific policies that empower staff to engage on a company’s social media channels.

Cultivate Positive Corporate Exposure: Developing an awareness of your company’s work environment also works to create a positive impression in the minds of qualified candidates. Be sure to have staff gatherings and events posted (as well as Distributor events) to demonstrate the respect of staff as well as Distributors. Updates on what’s happening in your industry and within the organization, as well as the posting of current job openings, should be consistently posted on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

The more positive the exposure is that you cultivate for your company across the web, the greater the ability to attract, recruit and retain top talent for the organization will become.

Best of luck,


About The Author

As CEO, Sean leads the organization to build lasting relationships with company leaders within the direct selling industry and provide quality service to meet the needs of clients. Sean also likes to spend time outdoors and traveling with his family.



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