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MVPs for September 2023

National Sales Director

“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

A talented and accomplished sales leader with extensive experience in achieving sales targets and developing and executing sales strategies with a forward-thinking outlook. Passionate about cultivating and nurturing long-term relationships with cross-functional partners to drive revenue growth. A proven proficiency in recruiting, assembling, training, and utilizing strength management to create high functioning teams to achieve success.

  • Developed and implemented an effective sales strategy focused on promotional cadence, event strategy, and re-energized key Consultant leaders to drive income-producing activities to achieve $1B in North America revenue.

  • The created strategy for new Consultant enrollments to achieve 28% growth year over the year, driving a 12% increase in revenue. Partnered with the event, communication and learning and development teams to create weekly business opportunity events with actionable income-producing activities to drive revenue and title advancement.

  • Established a new Consultant onboarding and training program, resulting in a 67% improvement in title advancement. Utilized analytics to understand the need to engage new Consultants focused on business actions within their first 30 days and lead the Sales team to create consistent training content to support and recognize achievement.

International Business Operations Professional

“I drive growth and efficiency in international markets by enabling diverse teams to achieve results.” This energetic, highly motivated Business Operations Professional has over 20 years of success in the industry. He has proven abilities in launching international products and markets, delivering new programs, incentives, and events, and ensuring they are on time and within budget and scope. He does this by internationalizing goals and objectives, detailing the scope, creating clear participant roles, and driving timelines, milestones, and deliverables. He specializes in collaborating with diverse groups of people in disparate locations, enabling them to perform at their best and achieve results. He leverages data wherever possible and tracks KPIs so that performance goals are exceeded on a continuous basis. He has a reputation for being honest, results-driven, and a good listener.

  • Program track lead for a Japan launch. Managed and drove multiple work streams with teams in the US and Japan for incentives, learning & development, and field communications.

  • Developed and evangelized a Japan Certification Program, an education and certification program for Distributors to have the required cultural, business, and regulatory information necessary for success in Japan. Over 16,000 Distributors completed the course and became certified.

  • Program Managed the company launch in India with a cross-functional team in the United States consisting of Finance, Legal, Regulatory, Operations, QA, Product Development, Marketing, Executive Management, and an 8-person team in India.

  • Created and project-managed the implementation of an FX process, saving the company approximately $4 million in cross-border Distributor payments between the US and Canada. The process is now used for all markets.

  • Program managed the product development of 13 new product formulas for the Japanese market, from formula lab development to engineering batches and stability. Successfully transferred the project to the PMO for line trials and production.

  • Led a team to Bangladesh to explore a partnership with Grameen Bank to develop a social business directed toward enabling women living in poverty to run their own health and wellness businesses in villages throughout Bangladesh.

  • Managed the development of a liquid nutritional supplement for Asia, a skin care product line (5 Skus) for Asia, and a nutritional pack for Japan, generating over $650 million in combined revenue.



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