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MVPs for August 2023

Senior Director Southeast Asia

"Nurturing unity in diversity, I ignite the team spirit to fuel sustainable growth in every unique setting."

A passionate, self-motivated professional with a robust work ethic with 24 years of diverse international experience in roles encompassing: Head of Customer Service, Business Ethics, Director of Sales & Marketing, General Manager, Regional General Manager, and Head of Strategy Development & Implementation in Direct Selling (MLM) /Nutrition Company.

Is adaptable in the face of challenges, has a knack for building relationships, and manages cross-functional teams that have proven effective in various cultural environments. A proactive, approachable leader who drives sustainable business growth through strategic planning and execution. Always eager to learn, share, and achieve set goals with a clear vision.


  • Instrumental in the revival of numerous markets for the MLM company and bringing positive business results.

  • Improved daily business operations, implemented growth strategies, managed budgets, increased revenue, evaluated performance, analyzed financial data, and identified growth opportunities. My crucial strategy included a city-by-city initiative for business building, training, improving product distribution, establishing distributor committees, simplifying prices, and many more.

  • Track record of driving consecutive yearly business growth for the company in Malaysia, with increases in sales by 17% in 2015, 19.4% in 2016, 30% in 2017, and 35% in 2018.

  • Amplified Malaysia's Business builder's activity to 73.7%, retention to 67%, and new distributor activity to 78%. This accomplishment solidified Malaysia as one of the company's top performers in sustainable metrics, continually earning worldwide and APAC awards for sustainable business growth.

  • Orchestrated a remarkable increase in company business in India, elevating from 12 million USD annually in 2008 to 180 million USD annually by 2011. The year-on-year growth rates were impressive: +16.33% in 2008, +95.3% in 2009, +103% in 2010, and +106% in 2011. Through leadership helped the company expand its footprint from 10+ cities to 60+ cities, marking India as one of the fastest-growing markets within the company.

  • In addition to these accomplishments, led a series of marketing initiatives to reinforce the company's brand presence, including the sponsorship of key athletes, which significantly boosted brand recognition. Pioneered cultivating an innovation culture in the APAC region, generating substantial revenue and cost savings by successfully implementing pioneering ideas.

Fractional CMO / Global Change Agent / Innovative Strategist

" Challenges are there to be turned into opportunities and creativity is not a gift, it's an opportunity."

With over three successful decades in the industry, this innovative hands on executive marketer has produced transformative strategies for successful startups, rebranding as well as remarkable growth for many global companies. Goal-oriented and people focused, she is a creative Team Player that balances the needs of multiple stockholders to focus on company objectives. She's passionate about creating unforgettable experiences for distributors and customers alike, utilizing digital and video platforms and incredible events that inform and educate; she likes to call it 'edutainment'. Great addition as advisor to company teams with a growth mindset, great communication skills and loves to be challenged.

  • Developed enhanced distributor and customer digital roadmaps that successfully resulted in 700% growth in revenue in one year

  • Ability to create, manage and motivate global teams to expand global footprints within tight timeframes. Led market openings in Russia, Australia, New Zealand and Korea.

  • Well known for helping teams get and stay connected and aligned, while showcasing ongoing metrics. She has developed Marketing Teams for companies, ranging from a staff of 6 to a staff of 53 to support company growth strategies.

  • Creative content developer for print, web, social and expertise in video strategy from concept to rollout.

  • Successfully redesigned global product portfolio and transformative global branding strategy that resulted in a very successful rollout surpassing annual revenue projections by over 12%

  • Innovative product development and promotion expertise in skin care, healthy living and wellness; developed innovative clean skin care that resulted in 10% of annual 450 million revenue in the last 6 months of the year for global company. (and this was before 'clean' skin care was a thing!)



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